About me

Michael Schulz, ParamedicABOUT ME

I am a U.S paramedic and expatriate with interest in overseas contracting, and prehospital care research. My field experience spans mostly across The United States, Europe, and the Middle East. I have provided paramedic services internationally for more than fourteen years with governmental agencies and non-governmental entities. The work has been rewarding and brought me to a variety of unique EMS systems and environments around the world. More recently, I have taken an interest in prehospital care research. I hold a bachelor of science in paramedicine and I graduated in 2017 from The University of Copenhagen  with a master’s in Global Health.

Although research is a new challenge for me, I look forward to forging new partnerships with like-minded colleagues. As a result, the goal is one reason I created this website. It is my eventual hope that as I continue to build on my research skills I can further contribute to EMS’s evidence base. Yet, I also plan on continuing my work in the field as a front-line provider full-time.

Please note this page is only updated periodically. Thanks, Michael